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Building Brakes for More Speed

When it comes to jump, agility, and strength training many, if not most athletes and coaches are missing half the equation. I hear it time and again. Everyone

FIT for Soccer

Every Soccer players must be fit, but what does this mean specific to soccer?

Carmichael beats the odds

September 11, 2007,  By Nick Green, Daily Breeze Shortly before the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup that began Monday, a Southern California resident suffered a debilitating injury that threw

Functional: Soccer Specific Strength

What type of strength do you need for Soccer. Learn more in this infographic...  

5 Exercises to Increase Hitting Power

October 18, 2007, By Ken Vick, Sports Performance Director, Velocity Sports Performance  

Eat To Win During Tournaments

Tournament-Day Nutrition for a Winning Performance November 12, 2007,  By Karla Campbell, MS, RD, Sports Nutritionist, Velocity Sports Performance One of the most important times to be at the